Thank you for considering sponsoring the teen center!

You can donate funds above to the teen center or check out our Amazon wish list!

We have many ways we could use help listed below:

Funds will be used for:

Paying for movie license ($265)

Maintenance of games and center


Supplies for teens

Filling future bathroom with clothes, toiletries, laundry detergent, hygiene products

Paying a full time staff (future goal)

Supplies for cooking nights

Purchasing new furniture/games

Hiring Electrician for some electrical needs

Purchasing items needed on amazon list

We could also use:

Paper Towels

Bulk Toilet Paper

Bulk Bottles of Water

Board Games

Bulk candy, chips, twizzlers, beef jerky sticks, gatorade, and other concession items.

-Sour Skittles-Purple Skilltes- Regular Skittles in bulk

24 Pack Can of Pop-Pepsi, Mt Dew, Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Shasta

Hygiene products for bathrooms

First Aid Kit- arm bandage wraps

Picnic Tables

Corn Hole

Tasks We Need Help With

Build door and frame to block second stairway for teen center

An electrician to help fix an outlet and install additional outlets

Help with Arcades power supply issue

Black Light Entrance wont stop flickering

Install Dishwasher

Mount/Paint Shutters

Fix Vending Machine eating money and not sending can of pop

Door installed at base and bottom of stairs to divert teen entrance

High wall painted

Help with locks and filling candy machine

QR checkin in station

Install Movie Theatre Seats

Sew Black Cloth Curtains for Kitchen Shelves

Install Cabinet Locks

Fundraising and installing full service shower/laundry/toilet bathroom for community teens to use.

Install Deep Freeze by rearranging two storage rooms

Professionally clean floor.

Parking lot cleaned and lines drawn on for basketball court

Fees donated to get light mounted for basketball court area

Help setting teen center up as its own 501c to work toward more grants